jeudi 21 novembre 2013

You Got me Messed Up

Forest Green Crop Top_Topshop
High Waisted Black Shorts_American Apparel
Black Suede Pumps_Zara

mercredi 13 novembre 2013

Pour Yourself a Drink put on some Lipstick and Celebrate !

It's already the holiday season ! I'm so excited for this time of the year because it's my favorite. All the decorations, food, family time, dressing up... Don't even get me started ! haha Where I work we decorated the store and it's just so beautiful and everywhere there is a festive spirit floating. This outfit started with the skirt, it's baroque style and gold which was last season trend but who cares, I adore baroque ! This skirt is perfect for family parties with some opaque tights and glittery stiletto.
Blouse_Tommy Hilfiger

jeudi 7 novembre 2013


I've been pretty constant at posting lately. Hope I'll keep doing :) I've been seriously so busy with school, work, going out with my friend and just overall no time to breath haha For this look I just put on a tee and probably my most worn high waisted shorts, over the knee socks, a cute bag and heels. I also went to Starbucks because it's simply an obsession especially this time of the year, well all the time, but the red cups mean holiday time which is very exciting !!
High Waisted Black Shorts_AA
Embellished Heels_BCBG
Leather Bag_Ebay
Over the Knee Socks_Halloween Store


mardi 5 novembre 2013


I started doing my makeup at like 12 and since then I've been wearing makeup every day. The only moment that I can remember going out without makeup in public was to go to the hospital in the middle of the night haha. I never thought going out without my makeup on because it always been sort of a routine. Something you do without questioning yourself. All my friends and family are use to see me that way so wearing a ton a makeup was just normal :p I decided recently to do a simple beauty shot without makeup because everyone should embrace their natural beauty :) It's definitely exposing myself because it so different that what I do when I do photo for my blog of my lookbook or just in a everyday life. I think if you feel confident with makeup just go for it. For me wearing makeup is a part of myself and for those who tells you that is not your real self just ignore them ;p Be the person you want to be.
Sophie xo

lundi 4 novembre 2013

Tiger Blood

Feeling simple today with this tiger top and black jeans. Just put a pair of heels and you'll be instantly more fabulous ! Roar ;p
Animal top_Zara
Black High Waisted Jeans_American Apparel
Bucked Black Leather Heel_Aldo


I Think I'm Faling for You

A fall outfit perfect for this season. Trench coat, cute hat and silk scarf !
Trench coat_Zara
Golf Hat_Tristan
Riding Scarf_Raph Lauren
Nude Heel_CL