mardi 5 novembre 2013


I started doing my makeup at like 12 and since then I've been wearing makeup every day. The only moment that I can remember going out without makeup in public was to go to the hospital in the middle of the night haha. I never thought going out without my makeup on because it always been sort of a routine. Something you do without questioning yourself. All my friends and family are use to see me that way so wearing a ton a makeup was just normal :p I decided recently to do a simple beauty shot without makeup because everyone should embrace their natural beauty :) It's definitely exposing myself because it so different that what I do when I do photo for my blog of my lookbook or just in a everyday life. I think if you feel confident with makeup just go for it. For me wearing makeup is a part of myself and for those who tells you that is not your real self just ignore them ;p Be the person you want to be.
Sophie xo

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